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JAX is a regional leader in the segment of construction and building materials supply. Our main activity is the trade of construction materials, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, doors and floor coverings, tools and protective equipment, and swimming pools and pool equipment. We provide a high-quality sales and technical service in the selection and installation of construction materials and interior and exterior design materials of renowned manufacturers. 

About us

What we do

Purchase, sale and distribution of construction materials and materials for interior and exterior furnishing.

In Croatia, we have built and continuously strengthened the JAX brand as a synonym for quality materials that build a home with a high professional sales and technical service.


Our task is to provide customers and business partners with high-quality sales and technical service in the selection and installation of construction materials and interior and exterior design materials.

Respecting the wishes and capabilities of customers, we provide a high level of sales service by selling products from renowned Croatian and foreign manufacturers of exclusively high quality.


To be a leader on the Croatian market in our domain and to continuously improve and enhance the offer and services so that all customers and business partners are fully satisfied.

In the future, we want to strengthen the JAX brand through the continuous expansion of the product range, especially with materials that meet the highest standards of economical construction and energy efficiency.

History and development


Our company Jadran – impex d.o.o. from Kastav was founded in 1992. We founded the company as a small trading house based on the purchase and sale of quality construction materials, great approach to customers and continuous development. Since its founding, when we had four employees, through growth and development, we’ve has increased the number of sales centers to today’s five locations, but also the number of employees, which has reached almost 100.


As one of the first companies in the segment of market supply with construction materials and equipment, we took the position of a leader early on and have not lost it to this day. This is due to constant investments and changes for the better, which we don’t give up on, despite the difficult situations in the economic environment. As a stable business entity, we believe to be well positioned in the market, both in Croatia and abroad, and enjoy a great reputation with our business partners.


Since 2006,  JAX is a member of the Grandal Group – the largest association of construction material retailers in Croatia. In 2009, JAX became a user of the ISO 9001 certificate for business organization, and since April 2014 it has been a member of the European Association National Builders, Merchants Associations and Manufacturers – UFEMAT.

Product range


Our product range is carefully defined by domestic and foreign manufacturers that meet the highest criteria of modern and economical products that are not harmful to the environment.


Our  company has a large number of long-term loyal customers: construction companies, craftsmen related to construction, investors, and citizens, which shows that the quality of products and services is tailored to customer needs. A satisfied customer who returns to the company is the primary task and basis of the business.


All employees are professionally educated to perform their work tasks at the highest possible level, all with the aim of improving the development and reputation of the company.


Favorite partner in construction projects.

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